Ulrich Stockinger

PhD Candidate

> Nationality: Austrian
> Organisation: University of Basel, Dept. for Classics
> Email:

Ulrich studied Archaeology in Vienna and Cologne from 2008 to 2014, specialising on the Roman Provinces. He graduated with a thesis on the production, commerce and consumption of salt in Central Europa in the first centuries AD. Ulrich was a research assistant for the Cologne Digital Archaeology Laboratory and the Cologne Center for eHumanities, and is interested in digital applications in archaeology such as databases, GIS and innovative tools to facilitate, enhance, visualise and communicate research and its findings. Ulrich is currently working on his PhD on the Roman site Antunnacum/Andernach (Germany) at the University of Basel.

Areas of Interest:

Archaeology of the Roman Provinces, Latin Epigraphy, Digital Humanities