Universitat de Barcelona ARQUB Material Culture and Archaeometry

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ARQUB Material Culture and Archaeometry
The Material Culture and Archaeometry UB (ARQUB) unit is focused on promoting studies of material culture, mostly on archaeological ceramics, incorporating archaeometric approaches. Our research deals with the identification of ceramic productions, provenance and technology, quantification of ceramic assemblages and the development of theoretical and methodological framework for archaeometric research. Our multidisciplinary approach interrelates the archaeological information, with the written sources, and then it deeps in the material dimension of pottery.
We will support from our experience as archaeologists to the interpretation of ceramic productions from the Roman period to the 18th century: determination of shapes, classification, assignation of typologies, recognition of decorations and potters’ stamps, identification of provenance and technology and the impact that the manufacture process has on the visual characteristics of pottery. We could provide examples of material already classified and studied from actual sites. 
Our team will be participating in the tasks related to the development of methodologies, scenario definition, user requirement collection and analysis, the creation of multilingual vocabularies, the selection of catalogues and their digitalisation and the implementation of documentation and archival component. We will be significantly involved in the tests and assessments of the overall system, and we will collaborate in the preliminary validation on sample datasets. Finally, we will participate in the consortium management, and on the communication, exploitation, innovation, and archiving and dissemination activities, including the organisation of a multi-event.