Stephen Collins-Elliott


> Nationality: American
> Organisation: University of Tennessee, Knoxville
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Stephen Collins-Elliott is a Roman archaeologist interested in studying mass socio-economic change through computational methods, as a means to reconceptualize the emergence of the Roman imperial economy in Italy and North Africa in the late first millennium BCE. His research focuses on quantitative approaches to the comparison of vessel assemblages as constituents of past economic behaviors, bringing together both new finds and older datasets. He is co-director of the Moroccan-American archaeological project Gardens of the Hesperides: The Rural Archaeology of the Loukkos Valley (INSAP-UT), which seeks to analyze changes in the agricultural economy around Lixus, the oldest city in northwestern Africa, over the longue durée.

Areas of Interest:

Ceramics and Food Consumption, Roman Economy, Regional Analysis, Computational Methods in Archaeology