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MAPPA Lab (digital Methodologies APPlied to Archaeology), based within Dpt.CFS of University of Pisa, is a new multidisciplinary research unit (created in 2011) composed of archaeologists, mathematicians, geologists, GIS specialists, historians, and web developers, fostering its research activities in the fields of archaeological method and theory, archaeological data recording and management, archaeological open data, mathematical/statistical modelling, predictive archaeological modelling, archaeological communication and storytelling, and geo-archaeology.
The University of Pisa MAPPA Lab is the creator and coordinator of ArchAIDE project. Within the project it leads three workpackages: WP1 Management, WP2 Methodologies, specification and design, WP9 Communication, Public engagement, Innovation and some tasks. As coordinator, MAPPA Lab manages the relations within the partnership and with the European Commission and outlines the methodological and practical strategies. Given its experience related to a mathematical approach to archaeology, MAPPA Lab takes care of the aspects connected with the data visualization and data analysis. A specific effort is dedicated to the management of communication activity to achieve the goal of reaching an as wide as possible audience far beyond the archaeological community, since we believe in the importance of the engagement of the public in the knowledge of scientific progresses, and in the shared and open knowledge of Cultural Heritage data.



  • Gabriele Gattiglia


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