Alberto Martín Esquivel

PhD Student

> Nationality: Spanish
> Organisation: Universidad de Salamanca
> Email:

He has a University Degree in History at the University of Salamanca (Spain). He has also other two Master's Degrees: one in Evaluation and Management of Historical-Artistic Heritage and the other in Advanced Studies and Research in History (Societies, Powers, Identities). He is currently PhD student in Archaeology (R.D. 99/2011) at the University of Salamanca and he is supported by Predoctoral National Programme for the Promotion of Talent and Its Employability (BES-2014-068469) funded by Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) - Government of Spain. His doctoral thesis focuses on “Coinage in the Iberian Peninsula between V and X centuries AD. Use and purpose”. This work, co-directed by Professors C. Blázquez Cerrato and I. Martín Viso, is part of the Project I+D+i: Colapso y regeneración en la Antigüedad Tardía y Alta Edad Media: El caso del Noroeste peninsular (HAR2013-47889-C3-1-P). He is a member of ATAEMHIS (Research Group on Late Antiquity and High Middle Ages in Hispania). He is also co-administrator in Spain of the Archaeological Documentation Project FASTI ONLINE and Social Media Manager (AIAC - International Association for Classical Archaeology).

Areas of Interest:

Archaeology; Archaeological Method & Theory; GIS, archaeological databases; Contextual numismatics and ceramics; Numismatics; Monetary circulation; Quantifications in Ancient Numismatics; Communication, Public Archaeology.