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CoDArchLab - Archaeological Institute
The Department of Archaeology at the University of Cologne is one of the most vibrant institutes in Germany. With over 300 students of different archaeological disciplines (prehistorical archaeology, classical archaeology and archaeology of the roman provinces) and over 70 academic and project staff it is a very strong study and research location. It hosts a research training group, the Forschungsarchiv für Antike Plastik and the Cologne Digital Archaeology Laboratory (CoDArchLab). Through many projects the archaeology department in Cologne is linked-up nationally and internationally.

One of the main strengths of the Archaeological Institute in collaboration with the CoDArchLab is the structuring of object metadata and its archiving. In the database ARACHNE, which is a joint venture with the German Archaeological Institute, different archaeological projects are put together under one framework. Nevertheless these projects can also seen as unique. Within the context of this project, the Cologne work group will contribute to several objectives but it will have three main tasks:

  • Provision of test and training data for the software, based upon existing Open Access digital data sets held by the Archaeological Institute and the CoDArchLab via ARACHNE.
  • Digitisation of paper catalogues with relevant data for our test beds.
  • Creation of a general mapping tool to integrate other structured data sources into the new ArchAIDE -Database



  • Michael Remmy


  • Address: Albertus Magnus Platz 50923 Cologne Germany