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Professional Archaeologists
Elements S.L. is a private archaeological consulting company founded in Mallorca in 2009. The company’s main activity is devoted to archaeological excavations, pottery catalogues, cultural heritage inventories, and 3d modelling of buildings and archaeological materials. Furthermore, the company has developed AddHeritage v1.0 software that provides a useful tool for managing heritage and urban planning inventories.

Elements main role is in the process of data base implementation through user requirement collection and previous experimentations of the outcomes of the project on both rescue and research archaeological interventions. The instruments developed will be tested and assessed on several real-cases scenarios. Specifically, Elements participation is focussed on: 

  1. Defining relevant case studies
  2. Search of archaeological catalogues and production of relevant data
  3. Testing the overall system already created in real scenarios.

Elements has experience in development and application of digital technologies in archaeological excavation recording, as well as on ceramic studies. The company has been responsible for the digital inventory of a set of ceramics (Museum of Mallorca collection), which included 3D recording and scan of potteries and sherds.

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  • Address: Avenida Jume III, 8 7012 Palma de Mallorca (Baleares) Spain