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ICT Company
Italian software company specialised in advanced web-based and mobile applications. The company was founded in 2001 by a group of R&D professionals and is based in Pisa (Italy). In the last 15 years Inera was involved mainly in cultural heritage, tourism and news agencies projects where developed product and solutions based on advanced technologies such as: mobile apps, semantic search, web reputation, speech recognition and image recognition.

Inera main tasks in the project are about the design, development and assessment of the software platform offering applications, tools and services for digital archaeology. For these reasons Inera will coordinate WP7 (design and development of the mobile tool and the front end desktop), and will help to achieve the specific measures which are proposed for exploitation of the results of the project.

The Inera activities will concern mainly the mobile tool, the web desktop application and the cooperation between them. The web and mobile products to be developed within the project will integrate services and algorithms like search&retrieval, data analysis and visualisation. The main focus for Inera will be the user-experience of the archaeologists supporting them in recognising and classifying pottery sherds both during excavation and post-excavation analysis.

Inera will be responsible of the ArchAIDE project web site ans intranet framework. These activities was started after the project kick-off and will continue until the and of the project. The Intranet framework is designed to support the partners and team members cooperation and provide tools like: blogs, forums, notifications, chat, document repository, etc.



  • Massimo Zallocco


  • Address: Via Gaetano Malasoma 18 56121 Pisa (Pisa) Italy