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ArchAIDE Mid-project Results
By Wright H., Green K.
A datasheet on the mid-project results of ArchAIDE.
Deliverable document
Big Archaeological Data. The ArchAIDE project approach
By Anichini F., Gattiglia G. in Conferenza GARR_17 Selected papers, The data way to science. Venezia, 15-17 novembre 2017, pp.22-25
Digitisation has changed archaeology deeply, but it does not by itself involve datafication. Datafication fits a Big Data approach and promises to go significantly beyond digitisation. To datafy archaeology would mean to produce a flow of data starting from the data produced by the archaeological practice. The ArchAIDE project goes exactly in this direction.
Deliverable document
The ArchAIDE Project: results and perspectives after the first year
By F. Banterle, M. Dellepiane, T. Evans, G. Gattiglia, B. Itkin, M. Zallocco in EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (2017)
Paper, describes the work carried out during the first year of life of the project. The main focus is on the procedure for
digitizing paper catalogues in an automatic way, and more precisely on archaeologist’s methodologies, digitalization
of text, vectorization of technical drawings, and shape-based classification of virtual fragments.
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From digitization to datafication. A new challenge is approaching archaeology
By Gabriele Gattiglia in AIUCD 2017 Conference, 3rd EADH Day DiXiT Workshop, "The educational impact of DSE", 23-28 January 2017, Rome (proceedings)
Paper by Gabriele Gattiglia (UNIPI) at the AIUCD 2017 Conference
Deliverable document
VASESKETCH: Automatic 3D Representation of Pottery from Paper Catalogue Drawings
By Banterle F., Dellepiane M., Callieri M., Scopigno R., Itkin B., Wolf L., Dershowitz N. in The 14th IAPR International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR2017), page 683--690 - November 2017
Contribution by CNR and Tel Aviv University' team members to describe the automated pipeline for digitization of catalogue drawings of pottery types development in ArchAIDE project.
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CAA Poster
By Holly Wright (UoY), Michael Remmy (UCO) in CAA 2017 Conference

Poster with the main steps of ArchAIDE presented at CAA 2017 Conference in Atlanta (USA).

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ArchAIDE - Archaeological Automatic Interpretation and Documentation of cEramics (EUROGRAPHICS)
By M. L. Gualandi, R. Scopigno, L. Wolf, J. Richards, J. Buxeda i Garrigos, M. Heinzelmann, M.A. Hervas, L. Vila and M. Zallocco in EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (2016)
Paper describing the ArchAIDE Project at EUROGRAPHIC Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (2016).
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