The archaeological partners of the consortium are the MAPPA Lab at the University of Pisa (coordinator) which has a relevant experience in mathematical and digital application in Archaeology, and archaeological communication; the Material Culture and Archaeometry research unit at the University of Barcelona, which is focused on promoting studies of material culture, especially on archaeological ceramics, and archaeometric approaches; the Digital Archaeology Laboratory at the University of Cologne, which manages ARACHNE, a highly structured object database in partnership with the German Archaeological Institute (DAI); and the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) at the University of York, which is the world-leading digital data archive for archaeology. The consortium involves also two private companies carrying out preventive and development-led archaeological investigations: Baraka Arqueólogos S.L., which is experienced in the study of archaeological ceramics, and Elements S.L which is experienced in the application of digital technologies related to ceramic studies. Finally, the consortium’s technical ICT partners are the Visual Computing Lab at CNR-ISTI, an institute of Italian CNR devoted to research on Visual Media and Cultural Heritage; the School of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University, which is ranked 20th in the Shanghai ranking of all Computer Science departments in the world; and the private software company, Inera s.r.l, which has experience in the field of protocols and web apps.