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ArchAIDE at CAA Atlanta

21 febbraio 2017

Please come say hello to members of the ArchAIDE team, Michael Remmy (University of Cologne) and Holly Wright (University of York) to learn more about the ArchAIDE project at the CAA Atlanta poster session (Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 5:45pm - 7:30pm).

Poster Abstract: The newly launched ArchAIDE project will support the classification and interpretation work of archaeologists with innovative, computer-based tools, and provide users with features for the semi-automatic description and matching of potsherds digitised from existing ceramic catalogues. Pottery classification is of fundamental importance for understanding and dating archaeological sites, and for understanding production, trade flows and social interactions, but requires complex skills and is a time consuming activity. ArchAIDE seeks to revolutionise the habits, behaviours and expectations of archaeologists, and meet real user needs by reducing time and costs associated with pottery classification. ArchAIDE will develop an automatic-as-possible procedure to transform paper catalogues into digital descriptions, and create a digital comparative collection for search and retrieval. A tool will then be developed for mobile devices, to support archaeologists in recognising and classifying potsherds during excavation and post-excavation analysis. This will include an easy-to-use interface and efficient algorithms for characterisation, search and retrieval of visual/geometrical correspondences. This automated procedure will allow the creation of a potsherd’s identity card by transforming the data collected into a formatted electronic document, printed or screen-based, and a web-based real-time data visualisation. These tools will then be tested and assessed in the field, paving the way for future exploitation. ArchAIDE is coordinated by the University of Pisa, Italy, and funded by the European Commission.