ArchAIDE will take part at Nearching Factory

30 gennaio-01 febbraio 2017 
San Martín Pinario - Avda. de Vigo s/n 15705 Santiago de Compostela Spain
The purpose of NEARCHing is a factory is to re-think the practice of archaeology in order to build, in collaboration with others, a process for the creation of new opportunities to sustain archaeological activity. (…) NEARCHing Factory is a workspace where ideas can be transformed into something more specific by means of collective effort. It’s not an academic meeting. Rather, it is clearly political in nature, in that it does not merely seek to debate theoretical positions, but to propose practical, sustainable, multivocal and participatory solutions which can be incorporated into public policies (…)”. We like this manifesto and the MAPPALab team will go to talk about ArchAIDE project.