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ArchAIDE at CH Symposium and Policy debate

18 March 2019

ArchAIDE has been invitate at Symposium and CH Policy debate organized by REACH Social Platform for participatory approaches and social innovation in culture. A two-day event in Brussels on the 20th and the 21st of March 2019. On the 20th March 2019, a Symposium entitled "Horizons for Heritage Research - Towards a Cluster on Cultural Heritage" is hosted by the European Commission and supported by the Secretariat offered by REACH. The meeting will take place in Covent Garden Building. The aim of the Symposium is to agree on the content of a Manifesto that will provide the basis for the creation and the sustainability of a research stakeholder cluster on Cultural Heritage.  On 21st March 2019, a high-level policy debate on Cultural Heritage and the Cultural and Creative Industries in Horizon Europe is hosted by MEP Christian Ehler, rapporteur of the Horizon Europe proposal in the European Parliament, and co-organised with the European Commission. The Policy debate will take place n the House of European History. The debate will bring together research stakeholders and top European policy-makers to reflect on the results achieved and perspectives for European funded research and innovation on cultural heritage and the cultural and creative industries. The debate will reflect on the legacy of the year, difficulties encountered and feedback received to take stock of European research policy developments, to discuss the needs and benefits of a joint coordination effort and to prepare for the next steps to be taken. As a second topic, the debate will discuss on the idea of a Cluster of Cultural Heritage stakeholders, intended as a network of networks.

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