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International Colloquium on Digital Archaeology in Bern

25 January 2019

ArchAIDE will attend the International Colloquium on “Digital Archaeology: Quantitative approaches, spatial statistics and socioecological modelling” organized by the University of Bern, next 4-6 February 2019. The scope of the colloquium will be focused on "Recent advances in disciplines like computer and environmental sciences as well as the availability and processability of (openly shared) big data have triggered fundamental changes in research over the last decades. It has also expanded the toolbox of archaeological methods. While traditional methods remain important and continue to be used to investigate past human societies over time and space, novel quantitative approaches are rapidly gaining momentum".

Gabriele Gattiglia and Nevio Dubbini (University of Pisa) will talk about “Automated creation of digital data, data analysis and visualisation tools from archaeological fieldwork”, starting from the ArchAIDE's results.

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Francesca Anichini