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Nearching Factory

20 February 2017

30th January – 1st February 2017

Santiago de Compostela (Spain), San Martín Pinario

What was Nearching Factory? A real factory. A hard work of the organization (Spanish team of NEARCH project) to create a not-formal and comfortable place, by unusual ways to share and exchange ideas and experiences. Many people (not only archaeologists) from all over Europe stayed together for 3 days to discuss the future of Archaeology, passing through economic development, social challenges and changes, sustainable choises. ArchAIDE was invited to debate in Working Group n.1 “Digital Capabilities for sustainability”, (lead by Holly Wright) with particular attention to the “Archaeology and the Open Data movement” (Francesca Anichini and Gabriele Gattiglia). You can find here the summaries and results of all the discussions held during the 3 days and the 10 working groups.



FB: @NearchingFactory


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